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Further details on the timeline and procedure of the Workshop for Early Career Investigators "Agroecosystems2020"

Please revisit from time-to-time. Last updated on 8th May 2020.


Overall time plan and aims

The planned Workshop "Agroecosystems2020" has a total duration of two years and consists of three phases.

Phase I (postponed to fall 2020)

Early career researchers apply for participation in the Workshop “Agroecosystems2020” by submitting a project outline for a two-year research project. About 20 will be selected from the project outlines received.

The first phase will take place in early summer 2020. Over the course of one week (25-29 Mai, see below), the participants will present their project outlines and discuss them with experienced scientists in preparation for the full proposals. There will also be an opportunity to discuss challenges in project development, for example the selection of sites and samples, conceptual approaches or the establishment of a realistic work programme, and using selected examples. These discussion rounds should also contribute to the formation of networks.

Phase II (postponed to winter 2020/2021)

In the second phase, participants will be given the opportunity to submit their two-year and limited-volume application for funding to the DFG for the implementation of a project and to present it to a review panel during a proposal colloquium. This project proposal is intended to enable the start in a new research field and – as a next step - should enable successful applicants to submit a follow-up proposal to the DFG for extending the topic. The review criteria for DFG proposals will be based on the usual review criteria for DFG proposals (individual research grants), with special attention to the rules for first-time applicants.

Phase III (2021)

A two-day workshop is designed to advise and support the participants in the implementation of the projects. In addition, this event is also intended to contribute to further network building.


Timeline in brief

Deadline for submission of applications to “Agroecosystems2020”: 27th March 2020

Decision on selection of participants: early May 2020

1st workshop (ZALF, Müncheberg; associated experts and selected participants: 5th – 9th Oct 2020

Submission of a full proposal to the DFG: approx. late Dec 2020

Presentation of full proposals to a DFG expert reviewer panel: approx. late Feb/early March 2021

Start of granted projects: May 2021

2nd workshop (with associated experts and successful DFG applicants): Fall 2022


Further hints and frequently asked questions

Am I eligible for the Workshop when I have not yet completed my dissertation at the time of application?  Text zeigen

For the application to DFG following the Workshop you need to give a proof of your completed dissertation (see here). Hence, a proof is also required for the application to the Workshop already. In case you have not yet completed your dissertation, please indicate in your application when you have submitted your thesis and a statement from your supervisor regarding your chances of success to complete your dissertation by end of the year the latest.

Will time of maternity leave be considered as prolongation of the 6-years after PhD?  Text zeigen

Yes, it will be considered when depicted in your application.

Can I also apply for DFG Individual Research grants of 3 years?  Text zeigen

Successful applicants have the chance to defend their proposals for 2-years of funding before an expert reviewer panel as a special procedure and opportunity for first time applicants, within the frame of this Workshop. Applications to other programmes or for 3-year individual research grants cannot be submitted within this frame.

I will have my own position funded 2021 and/or 2022. Can I still apply for the workshop?  Text zeigen

Yes, you may still apply. The main focus of the Workshop is on applicants who aim to submit a proposal for their own temporary position as PI (100 %) which cannot be combined with another employment. However, if you do not want to cancel your former position in this case it is in general possible to apply for funds for other costs only. Please also consult respective DFG regulations for further information.

Are there any additional costs associated with the workshop?  Text zeigen

Board and lodging for the two workshops are covered. Travel expenses need to be covered by the participants.