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​​​Expected Results



Findings related to ex-ante water consumption and maintenance of soil health in the drylands of Uzbekistan should provide evidence-based knowledge regarding the intended and actual sustainability of newly installed water- and energy-saving irrigation technology, articulated in publications by local PhD students involved in the project.



Significant improvement in knowledge concerning technology adaptation and design under local climatic and hydrological conditions and the transferability of promising results to other regions.



Reduction of research gaps regarding implementation of technological innovation vis-à-vis institutional framework conditions, especially for rural, decentralized, and infrastructurally disadvantaged regions. On a political level, the project will also contribute towards the objectives of the Green Central Asia initiative, particularly regarding improved efficiency in water use and improving technological solutions.



The economic suitability of present and potential solutions will be assessed within the study areas, and implementation in other areas of Uzbekistan will be examined, hopefully leading to further economic opportunities. Prospects for success and expanded economic potential are considered positive by involved partners, including room for Uzbek and German small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to benefit in the long term.


Policy (from research to action)

During and following the project, the project team will widely disseminate project findings, engaging policy makers, development partners, research institutes, academic institutes, NGOs and practitioners in the country and internationally. Policy dialogue workshops will be organized with local partners, and the project team will provide evidence-based solutions to support decision makers in improving policies and strategies for sustainable natural resource management of irrigated agriculture.


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