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​​​​​Project Description



The main objective of the project is to improve existing policies and cross-sectoral strategies through performing sustainability research on water- and energy-saving technologies and supporting soil health in the context of climate change. The specific objective is to study the impacts of introducing water- and energy-saving irrigation technologies in Uzbekistan and explore potential rebound effects. Since the country is undergoing a transformation process from a post-socialist context towards a market-oriented economy, the project findings can be transferrable to other transition societies as well as to regions with an arid climate.


Research Activities:

  • Analysis of the current situation of implementation of water- and energy-saving irrigation technolo​​gies in Uzbekistan (stakeholder mapping)
  • Identification of potential pilot study areas and selection of two field plots for in-depth case studies
  • Estimation of the effectiveness of existing water- and energy-saving irrigation technologies via field-data collection
  • Development of scenarios and ex-ante impact assessment of alternative resource management options through stakeholder participation
  • Synthesis and validation of impact-assessment results and identification of key determinants for sustainable management of water, energy and food sectors


Developement Activities​

  • Achievement of international networking regarding WEF security
  • Promotion of young scientists through involvement in PhD and DSc programs in Uzbekistan and gaining experience in conducting international research
  • Increased capacity development of scientific partners in Uzbekistan by organizing project workshops
  • Creation of a GIS laboratory for melioration and water management at “TIIAME” NRU, including hardware and software components
  • Provision of portable field measurement devices, e.g. salinization measurement of water and soils
  • Preparation of follow-up projects


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