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​​Data measured in the SoilCan Lysimeter Network can be found in the data discovery portal of TERENO. In general, the portal makes a broad range of data sets accessible. The data origin from TERENO observatories as the ASLQ is one, as well as from third parties.

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A selection of the collected data are found on DEIMS. DEIMS-SDR (Dynamic Ecological Information Management System - Site and dataset registry) is an information management system that allows you to discover long-term ecosystem research sites around the globe, along with the data gathered at those sites and the people and networks associated with them. DEIMS-SDR describes a wide range of sites, providing a wealth of information, including each site’s location, ecosystems, facilities, parameters measured and research themes. It is also possible to access a growing number of datasets and data products associated with the sites.​​

The ASLQ repository on DEIMS​new tab icon ​​. Datasets are listed at the bottom of the page. For access, please contact the listed contact persons of the respective dataset.

Vegetation sampling at field edge
Vegetation sampling at field edge. © Ines Heyer
Sampling in kettle hole
Sampling in kettle hole. © ​​​Doreen Werner



“BonaRes” is short for “Soil as a sustainable resource for the bioeconomy”. In this funding initiative of the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF) the focus is on the sustainable use of soils as a limited resource. The BonaRes Repository is a quality-assured research data infrastructure open to the scientific community. The repository is part of the BonaRes funding initiative and operated by ZALF e.V.. The Data Portal offers the possibility to search for local, temporal and addressed criteria within the data base of the BonaRes Data Centre and is a central warehouse for soil relevant research data, e. g. taken from long-term field experiments.

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