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​Registered office and address

Leibniz-Zentrum für Agrarlandschaftsforschung (ZALF) e. V.
Eberswalder Straße 84
D-15374 Müncheberg
Tel.: ++49 (0)33432 82 0

Scientific Director

Prof. Dr. Frank Ewert

Administrative Director

Martin Jank

Press, media and public relations

Contact Person: Hendrik Schneider

Court at which the Institute is registered

Amtsgericht Frankfurt/Oder

Register Number

VR 3535 FF



Currently responsible for the content of this website according to section 55 RStV:

Gunnar Lischeid


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Photo credits

  • Weather station

    File Name: banner-anemometer-3977718.jpg
  • Sampling points for phytopathogenic fungi

    File Name: banner-aslq.jpg
  • More frog

    File Name: banner-aslq2.jpg
  • Agricultural site in the area of the ASLQ

    File Name: banner-aslq3.jpg
  • Aerial image of kettle hole

    File Name: banner-aslq4.jpg
  • Book in the grass

    File Name: banner-book-4696184.jpg
  • Butterflies

    File Name: banner-butterflies-3535377.jpg
  • Camera

    File Name: banner-camera-549153.jpg
  • Lysimeter experimental site of SoilCan

    File Name: banner-data.jpg
  • Frogs in the pond

    File Name: banner-frogs-5297270.jpg
  • Experimental site with gantry crane system in summer

    File Name: banner-home.jpg
  • Event with farmers related to the ASLQ

    File Name: banner-partners.jpg
  • Event at the experimental site of the gantry crane system

    File Name: banner-partners2.jpg
  • Gas chamber measurements

    File Name: banner-research.jpg
  • Cultivation of the experimental site of the gantry crane system

    File Name: banner-research2.jpg
  • Gas chamber measurements

    File Name: banner-research3.jpg


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