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ScapeLabs were developed as a joint cross-system experimental platform that represents a novel approach to expand experimental biodiversity research to the ecosystem and landscape scale. ScapeLabs allow to:​

  • link aquatic and terrestrial biodiversity and ecosystems, 
  • bridge scales from microbioal systems to real landscapes, 
  • capture degrees of anthropogenic influences on ecosystems ranging from near-natural to urban, 
  • link experiments and theory at the ecosystem and landscape level, 
  • include the full spatio-temporal context assessing and comparing genetic diversity and adaptation potential in different communities.

In summary, the ScapeLabs opened the path to assess rapid changes in multifunctional landscapes. They were the core infrastructure for the Biodiversity Policy Research Laboratories (BiPoLabs). The ScapeLabs consists of three components:

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The Quillow research area falls into the category of AgroScapeLabs.



The AgroScapeLab Quillow (ASLQ) provides an excellent infrastructure for interdisciplinary landscape research to conduct cross-scale experiments on multiple temporal and spatial scales. Past and current research activities add​ress interactions between landscape structures, agricultural management, hydrology, biogeochemistry and biodiversity. ​Future activities within the ASLQ will focus more on sustainable crop production to face the challenge of climate change and corresponding feedbacks on the environment and productivity and to use it as a comprehensive data cube to analyse complex processes with powerful modern data mining approaches. Together with cooperation partners, ZALF is developing the ASLQ into a unique multi‐purpose landscape laboratory with international visibility. Research activities in the ASLQ strongly encourage participatory projects with stakeholders and search for a continuous dialogue with practitioners​ from these diverse areas.

Kettle hole in the AgroScapeLab Quillow (ASLQ)
Kettle hole in the AgroScapeLab Quillow (ASLQ) © Michael Sommer