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With regard to the formulated work objectives of the SattGrün project, we were able to report the following results in February 2021:

  1. Reliable  detection of mowing events by remote sensing methods for intensively managed grassland sites in Germany.
  2. A  process-based simulation model for the analysis and assessment of productivity and selected ecosystem services of intensively managed grassland sites in Germany was provided.
  3.  Tools for decision-making by policy-makers, administrations and individual farmers via public information channels were developed and introduced to the advisory platform ISABEL of the German Meteorological Service (DWD).
  4.  Site-specific commercial advice to farmers based on the results produced in SattGrün.
  5. New advisory products for grassland management.
  6. Different models for  ecosystem services in grassland under different climate change scenarios, and what this means for grassland management.
  7. A  model for simulating biodiversity development in intensively managed grassland stands under changing management and climate conditions.